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UDFSC Membership

The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club is committed to promoting the sport of figure skating at every level. The club has a membership of nearly 400 skaters ranging from the beginning recreational skaters to national competitors. The Club boasts former International, World and Olympic level skaters and coaches – just take a look at the banners around the rink. We are proud to support competitors in singles, pairs, ice dancing, synchronized skating and adult skating. Each year the Club provides a monetary gift to skaters who have qualified to compete at the US Figure Skating Championships, US Adult Championships and the US Synchronized Skating Championships, as well as the US Dance Finals,US Singles Finals,  and US Solo Dance Finals. UDFSC hosts regular USFS test sessions so that our skaters may progress through the levels of figure skating. To join the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club please go to the following link to join or to renew membership or to update your contact information on-line.

                        LINK TO MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL


1How do I join the UDFSC?

Membership enrollment and renewal is completed on line at the Entry-eeze Website. Click the link in the membership section of the website. Log in with your email and create a password, and the system will send you a Welcome message to verify your email. Continue by completing your profile information and provide an electronic signature for the Waiver and the Safe Sport Statements. Click Join/Renew and select the appropriate membership category. Go to the Cart and pay with your credit card.

It is important to keep us up to date with your email address since most of our communication is through email. Your log-in is tied to the email you registered with and your USFS number. New Introductory members will receive a new USFS number after their enrollment is completed.

2. Is a parent membership required?

UDFSC doesn’t have a parent enrollment category. A parent must complete the enrollment, signatures and payment for the minor skater. The parent has voting privileges in lieu of the minor skater, and is responsible for the conduct of the minor skater according to the Safe Sport statement signed by all members.

3. How can I make a donation to the UDFSC?
Donations are made through the membership website by completing a profile. At check-out, a donation screen pops up and you may make a donation to the Club through the CART.

4. How do I get a refund for membership?
In most cases, Membership fees are not refundable. If an Associate Membership was paid for in order to receive the reduced rate for testing at the UDFSC session and the member cancels their test session, Membership fees are not refunded. Please contact the Membership Chair in writing at regarding any extenuating circumstances that may warrant consideration for refund. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
Requests for refund of membership fees made later than 30 days after enrollment will not be considered.

5. Who is eligible for the Introductory membership?
A person who has never been a member of US Figure Skating at any time, except as a Basic Skills/Learn to Skate member, may join at the introductory discounted rate. Introductory members receive all the benefits of a full home club member, including membership in USFS, Skating Magazine, testing privileges at UDFSC rates, Club Ice privileges at UDFSC. After the first year, Introductory members renew at the regular home club membership rate.

6. How does the Collegiate membership work?
Any college student enrolled in a matriculated program of study my join UDFSC at the four year collegiate membership rate which is a savings of 50%. Students may be enrolled in any year of their studies and receive a four year membership regardless of their graduation year. Collegiate members do not renew until their four year membership expires, but we do ask that they keep the Club current with contact information and emails. Proof of college attendance is required by UDFSC and USFS. A copy of transcripts, semester bill or other proof of enrollment is required upon first enrollment only. Since this is a reduced rate, second family members to a collegiate member are not eligible for the reduced subsequent family member rate. They will need to enroll as a full home club member, unless they too are attending college and eligible for the collegiate rate for themselves.

7. When do annual memberships start?
All USFS and UDFSC memberships start on July 1 and end on June 30th, regardless of when you enroll as a member. Open enrollment begins on June 1 each year and continues throughout the year. Renewal period opens on June 1st and ends July 31st. Any renewals after July 31st are subject to a late fee, but new members may join any time without a late fee.

8. What is the Associate membership?
An Associate membership is available to persons who are members of other skating clubs as home club members, but they skate or train at the University of Delaware. In order to represent the University of Delaware on a synchronized skating team, either a home club or associate membership is required. An Associate member is able to test at UDFSC sessions without the non-member fee for the test.

9. How do I change my membership to UDFSC if I am a Home Club member at another Figure Skating Club?
If you start your membership for the new year during the enrollment period July 1st, you may change your home club simply by completing a UDFSC application online and paying the membership dues. However, if you have joined another home club and want to change mid-year, you must notify the Membership Chair of your current Home Club to request the Change of Home Club through the USFS database. Competitive skaters may not change Home Clubs until the competitive season is completed. UDFSC will be notified of the change. Enroll with UDFSC by selecting the membership type "Mid-Season Transfer Home."

Revised 1/22/2018

Introductory membership $78

Home Club $132
Additional Home Club family member $78
Collegiate four-year membership $264
Associate membership $84
Additional Associate family member $54

Contact the Membership Chair at with any questions!